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When I was a small child, I was kind of obsessed with the word “weirdo”.  I thought being a weirdo was the ultimate compliment, so when I was fond of someone, I called them a weirdo (makes sense, right?).  Lucky for me, the “true” members of the weirdo tribe, did not take offence (you know who you are 🙂 ).

All these years later, I still like “weird” – weird people, weird places, weird art, weird theories.

Weird is curious. Weird creates new possibilities.  Weird possesses strength and confidence amidst the conformists of the world.
weird is authentic.

~Christine (a weirdo)


  1. My family…(sister Mother)…..thought I was weird…..a non conformist……not following the path of middle class or upper class people……always on the fringe…….my mother …whom i have had no contact with since 95 and she didn’t raise me and I found her when I was 25 and realized that she really never wanted to be found as she never told my other 2 siblings that they had an older sister………we had an on and off relationship……I didn’t drink and I didn’t do drugs ….so I didn’t belong or fit in…..and when I started talking about Buddha…..they were horrified… sister used to read bible passages to me……..and my mother calls me a retrograde hippie…..ha ha……but I met a mental health lady that worked with my family for 5 yrs…..and whom I had met on many occasions……she told me…’s people on the fringe of society that are the better people…..ha ha….confirmation lol

  2. How observant and precocious you were at that young age. I love this blogpost. It resonates with what I believe. In the Hall world, it I am sure it was a challenge to stay authentic. HUGS wierdo.

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