Getting Older

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Getting Older

Getting older.
It is a luxury denied many, and yet in our Western society we tend to look upon aging with despair. Sure, I’m not crazy about my loss of estrogen, weakening eyesight, relentless greying hair, and slower metabolism…
BUT: there is an amazing sense of freedom that accompanies getting older. I simply do not waste my time “shoulding” all over myself as I did in my younger years. If I don’t want to do something that is not congruent with my values, ethic, or beliefs, I don’t do it. Better yet: I resist second-guessing myself about it.
Something else that I have learned is that sometimes the people we think should (there it is again) love and support us, simply do not have the capacity or desire to do so.

While there is no question it can be deeply hurtful to be turned away from one’s family-of-origin, we have a choice to create the family of our choosing, and go where we are lovingly embraced and welcomed – not tolerated or made to feel lesser-than, but to feel truly celebrated, and deeply seen. This to me is love in its purist form: a love not rooted in the perception that we are supposed to love another based on shared DNA, but love fueled by authenticity and true spiritual essence.
Once you honour your highest truths, others will respond to that light that shines within you. Those people are your tribe.
If you are finding yourself without your tribe, I urge you to not give up -they are there. Shine your authentic light so they can find you. And keep yourself open to the possibility that sometimes the best people you can surround yourself with can be met in some of the least likely of places.



  1. Since I am a senior at 68 soon to be 69……I am and always have been the Black Sheep of the family…….it did cause me mental stress in the beginning…..but what the difficulty was that I couldn’t be put in a box to live according to what standards family had….I was different…..and ….in my estimation I was happy with “self” and didn’t have to follow what others expected of me.

    Since I left home at 15 1/2….I really hadn’t had any direction… this meant that I didn’t have a lot of external understanding other than what was given by attending church…..which ….I had an issue with ….”Thou Shalt Not”……so running my life my way lead to a lot of mistakes ….but didn’t know they were mistakes until just a few years ago……What I have been leading up to is this: At the age of 67 and due to circumstances……(my life as I knew it…fell apart)…..which led me to re-examine every aspect of my life prior to my 67 years……It’s been….very hard work …reprogramming the mind….changing and accepting and working but i’m grateful for every little bit of progress I have made…..the part of the reward is given to me by my daughter and how happy she is because of the progress she sees that I have made………Moral of the story: You’re Never Too Old”

    And my gratitude is extreme to come in contact with such a beautiful person as Christine Hall……”Buddha said: “Don’t look for the teacher….the teacher will find you”

    1. Author

      Thank you for sharing! One really is never too old to learn, or embark on a new dream or preferred way of being. I am honoured to be sometimes placed in the role of teacher…however, I am always in the role of student, for everyone I meet has something to teach me. For that, I am truly grateful.

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