Love 3

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Love 3

Sometimes in life we are gifted with the right person at precisely the right time.  Jacqueline is an example of that person for me.   Jacqueline and I met in an online university program, and have not (yet!) met in person.  This has not impeded my bond with her, for we are part of the same tribe.  She gets me.  I get her.  I wasn’t cognizant of how much I needed Jacqueline – it’s not that I *felt* that I was struggling in life…it was more that no one else could quite understand the (often lonely) journey I put myself on pursuing a Masters degree online (not only do you never met classmates in person, but they also changed every five weeks).

 I have never connected with someone on such a deep level that I have never actually spent physical time with.  I look forward to my lengthy Friday phone dates with Jacqueline, and we are never at a loss for conversation.  I greatly admire, love, and appreciate this newfound “weirdo” of my tribe.  Jacqueline is wise, witty, and kind….and she also introduced me to one of my all-time favorite books: Shantaram.  (such a beautiful read ?).

❤ ❤ ❤



  1. Goosebumps. And a big smile as I once again read one of your well-written blogs. I have learned from your blogs, or have accessed them clinically to support my preferred therapeutic modalities, or soak up the importance of self-compassion as you have expressed the inherent intrinsic need for therapists “to be well” and to “be gentle towards self & growth process.”

    I consider you a mentor, friend, colleague, and great source of inspiration! Thanks Christine for this tribute to our friendship. I LOVE recognition from those I respect, and you have provided the wind in my sails (once again), to get through these last weeks of practicum.

    Keep on being the brilliant, authentic therapist you are…as you bring clients the opportunity to grow and change through your effective, safe, competent, professionalism and compassionate focus on wellness. We will meet in the New Year!

    Jacqueline Draper

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