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What the heck is a “putter day”, you ask?

 My partner is the one that dubbed my version of a Mental Health Day a Putter Day.  I derive immense pleasure from creative pursuits.  I paint, love tedious art projects, cook, bake, write.  When I am feeling burnt out, my go-to is to hole up and spend my day moving between creative projects – I “putter” between various projects, never resigning myself to just one.  I realize that this might be someone else’s version of hell, but not for me!  I find tackling projects with my hands to be immensely rewarding, and they don’t always have to be creative masterpieces. 

At cash-strapped times in my life, I have cleaned homes for extra income.  I have had more than a few people turn their noses up at this seemingly lowly task.  But I find housecleaning can be deeply satisfying.  You are leaving a space better than you found it, you are getting a great workout (see my blog on entitled Your Thoughts Become Your Reality to read an interesting study conducted with housekeepers: https://blacksheepcounselling.com/2017/04/your-thoughts-become-your-reality/), it can be fun (yes, I’m serious) when you crank some kick-ass tunes as you’re tackling dirt and clutter, and you can also make some money doing it for all those who hate housecleaning!

What are some ways you engage in Mental Health days?