True Patriot Love

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True Patriot Love

I spent the last week cottaging.  That is not a statement I ever thought I would make.  It’s funny how in Ontario our vacation property is a cottage, on the Canadian prairies we stay in a cabin, and in the mountains of BC we vacation in a chalet….but I digress.

How was my week in Ontario’s cottage country?  Awe-some, in the true sense of the word.  I struggle to recall when I have ever felt more Canadian.  The landscape differs from that of British Columbia’s rugged coastline (where I reside), but yet I felt as though a part of me had “come home”.  In many ways, this part of Ontario is the Canada of the books I have read, and the movies I have watched.  There was a time when I would have thought sitting on an Adirondack chair (Canadian red, of course) on a dock, taking in the magic of the sun, the vista of glistening water and majestic trees, and listening to the sound of the loons would have seemed cliché and a little cheesy.  Now I feel as though I am part of the inner-circle that gets “it”.  Canada is not without its problems, and my fierce social justice part is not apt to forget that.  But I am full of gratitude that the end to summer 2018 gifted me with widening my lens to the diverse beauty of this country I call home and fostering connections with people who feel like family. 

My heart is full ❤.