Life Skills to Learn Before High School Graduation

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Life Skills to Learn Before High School Graduation

In this time of COVID, parents are feeling the pressure to ensure their kids are engaging in their schoolwork. I think family togetherness time can offer a great opportunity to learn needed LIFE SKILLS… know: the stuff that is actually relevant for young people to know when they leave the nest (algebra usually isn’t one of them😉).

 This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but here are some things to consider:

  1. How to fact check what you read online (good one for us adults, too)
  2. How to sew a button and mend a hem or seam
  3. How to cook at least 5 economical meals
  4. Familiarize Self with basic cooking measurements (what is bigger: a half cup or quarter cup? A teaspoon or tablespoon?)
  5. How to budget for groceries
  6. How to do basic First Aid
  7. How to make own doctor’s/therapist’s/dentist’s appointments
  8. How to wake Self on time
  9. How to unclog a toilet/sink
  10. How to do laundry (separate, wash, fold)
  11. Create a signature
  12. Open a savings account
  13. How to pump gas
  14. Figure out how to navigate public transport (even if there is currently nowhere to go!)
  15. Write a resume
  16. Experience a mock interview
  17. Experience an informational interview
  18. Put together an interview-worthy outfit
  19. How to wash dishes
  20. Compile a list for how to remove stains
  21. How to bargain
  22. How to use a credit card to build credit (not create debt)
  23. Make a restaurant reservation
  24. Order a meal by yourself (even if it is only take-out)
  25. How to do an e-transfer
  26. How to scan a document and attach it to an email
  27. Be able to manage time (chores/school/work/activities)
  28. Take initiative in pursuing a goal
  29. How to iron a shirt
  30. Identify at least 3 personal strengths
  31. How to paint a wall/room (what supplies needed/strategize how best to proceed)
  32. How to parallel park
  33. How to make change from a $20 by counting up (VERY needed skill for retail or food service)
  34. How to advocate for Self
  35. How to change a printer ink cartridge
  36. How to change a lightbulb
  37. How to use a screwdriver, hammer, Level, Stud Finder, Allan Key (ever so needed for the assembly of future Ikea purchases!)
  38. How to light a fire
  39. How to chop wood
  40. How to write a Thank You note
  41. How to polish a pair of shoes
  42. How to offer a sincere apology
  43. Program emergency telephone numbers into phone
  44. How to shake hands
  45. How to pack a suitcase
  46. Party etiquette – how to be a host; how to be a gracious guest
  47. Learn to ask for help when individual efforts have failed
  48. Create a solid safety plan to use when feeling uncomfortable in social settings (have a taxi app/Uber downloaded on phone; let others know when you are going out and with who)
  49. Identify values, ethics, and beliefs
  50. Embrace the fact that a polite “no” can be a complete sentence

What else is relevant for our young people to know in today’s world?