Seven Types of Rest

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Seven Types of Rest to Consider When You are Feeling Depleted

  • PHYSICAL. Allows the body to relax, repair, restore. Try adding an extra 30 minutes of sleep when you are feeling depleted.
  • MENTAL. Helps alleviate ‘brain fog’; restores concentration; reduces cynicism, irritation, apathy. Taking even a 5-minute (device-free!) break can help restore concentration. Go for a walk around the block, savour a warm mug of tea, pet an animal.
  • SENSORY. Aim to reduce hyperstimulation such as digital eye strain, noise pollution, fluorescent lighting, strenuous environments. Close your eyes or go into a quiet space.
  • CREATIVE. If you are feeling uninspired or lacking in motivation, connecting with awe and wonderment may be just the rejuvenation you are needing. This may be found with the arts, nature, or situations & environments that surprise, inspire, or pique curiosity.
  • EMOTIONAL. Holding genuine and compassionate space for others can take a toll (I see you, healthcare professionals and parents). So too can “perma-smiling” through a hectic day of trying to meet the various needs of customers (I also see you, hospitality & retail workers, and service representatives/salespeople). Giving yourself some quiet time and space can help you to better connect to you own emotional needs and limits.
  • SOCIAL. While we humans thrive in connection with others, the quality of the connection is key. Retreating from others periodically helps us better identify how we can best show up in relationship with others in ways that are authentic and satisfying (we cannot effectively be present with others if our own basic needs are severely unmet).
  •  SPIRITUAL/EXISTENTIAL. Make time to connect with the things that give you a sense of meaning, purpose, fulfillment, connection, belonging. This might be found in nature, worship, sports, artistic endeavors, mind-body practices (i.e: Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, et cetera) , travel, or volunteering.

For more on the 7 different types of rest, see Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith’s TedTalk: Saundra Dalton-Smith: The real reason why we are tired and what to do about it | TED Talk