The Only Constant is Change

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The Only Constant is Change

I hold a privileged position of playing witness to many peoples change process.  I believe that “personality” is a system of forces in conflict with one another, but our core Self is unconsciously driven towards optimism, growth, and self-actualization.  Despite this, I still find myself constantly in awe of the strength, resiliency and profound wisdom exhibited by others actively engaging in their change process (this is why I love my job so much ?). 

Part of what allows for this evolvement to occur is when an individual can resist viewing their process as linear and can move into acceptance that ourselves, others, situations, and circumstances are not static concepts.  Fear is often what keeps us locked into black-and-white thinking, cognitive distortions*, and projections**.  When experiencing distress, our executive functioning is impeded, often keeping us in a place of “stuckness”, unable to consider multiple perspectives and varying truths.

  If you find yourself in a place of stuckness, support is available.  You deserve to live your life from a place of wholeheartedness.