Trauma: You can’t *think* your way out of it

Trauma: You can’t *think* your way out of it Our conscious mind processes 40 things in a single second, whereas our unconscious mind is processing 20,000 things in a single second (that is a whooping 500,000 times faster). Our unconscious mind is assessing for threat based on past lived experience, even when we do not […]


Neuroanatomy Many people trying to heal from trauma are incredibly hard on themselves regarding their suffering. Contrary to popular belief, trauma responses are neither cognitive or emotional responses (we cannot *think* ourselves out of our trauma reactivity). Trauma resides in our bodies*. Our bodies possess a knowingness that alerts us to what is safe and […]

Bend, not Break

Bend, not Break As evidenced by the research of esteemed neuroscientist Louis Cozolino, 90% of the present moment is defined by our past experiences. Fear receptors in our brains act on information a split second before our thinking brain can come online. The fear is conditioned which means that you’ve associated something with negative experiences: […]

The Myth of Catharsis

The Myth of Catharsis The term catharsis comes from the Ancient Greek word katharsis, which means purification/cleansing through the purging of emotions or the relieving of emotional tensions. The grandfather of psychology, Sigmund Freud revived the concept of catharsis. He believed that one needs to express bottled up negative emotions to avoid adverse psychological issues […]

Why Mindfulness?

Why Mindfulness? You probably have heard people talk about the benefits of mindfulness.  What many people don’t realize that mindfulness is much more than a fad or “new age-y” spiritual practice, it is also a key component to healing the symptoms of trauma, and there is LOADS of research in neuroscience to back this up. […]

The Golden Years?

The “Golden” Years? In collectivist* societies around the world, older people (“elders”) are most often considered people of authority and esteemed for the wisdom they have cultivated during their years of lived experience.  Traditional cultural norms in collectivist societies were that senior members were frequently cared for in their offspring’s familial home.  Many collectivist societies […]

Affairs in the Digital Age: Death by a Thousand Cuts*

Affairs in the Digital Age: Death by a Thousand Cuts* Let’s face it:  affairs have always been hurtful to the one who has been cheated on.  Interestingly, relationship expert Esther Perel suggests that they are even more so now.  Why? Because where once the cheated upon partner might have only had “lipstick on the collar”, […]

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve (and its importance to you overall wellbeing!) Many people are not familiar with the vagus nerve, and yet it is paramount to our overall health.  Deriving an understanding of the vagus nerve offers a concreteness to why many health practitioners promote the concept of “holistic” wellbeing (in other words: everything is interconnected […]


Gaslighting The term gaslighting* refers to an emotional abuse tactic that causes a victim to question their own feelings, instincts, and sanity, putting the abuser in a position of power. A clear indicator of a gaslighter is one who overrides your truth and tries to convince you that your perception of reality is false.  A […]

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance  The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs.  It is experiencing an inner conflict denoted by an inconsistency between beliefs and behaviours – it is what can make us feel like a fraud.      Cognitive dissonance is a theory proposed by psychologist […]